ZingZillas Special Offer!

We’ll it was inevitable wasn’t it, but we now have all of the ZingZillas poseable figures!

Thomas had to go to the dentist today, and I promised him a treat if he was good. He choose to have a Drum figure, and as Jacob had been feeling under the weather we bought the Panzee figure too to make him feel better.

We bought them from Early Learning Centre as they have a great offer for ZingZilla fans at the moment. Spend £15 or over on ZingZillas merchandise and get a record bag worth £10 for free!

We had to spend another £5 to take advantage of the offer, so we bought a set of ZingZillas jigsaws, but it was worth it as the bag is really nice and will look great for day trips out and things. Thomas put both of his figures in there and walked home with it on, as he said it made him look cool.

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