Zippity aims to mix Fun, Exercise and Learning

As Ive mentioned before in previous ramblings my sons both love electronic gadgets and computers and both love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. So I was interested to hear about Leapfrog’s new children’s entertainment system the Zippity.

It’s made in partnership with Disney and comes complete with 8 in built games featuring 2 games of each of Playhouse Disney’s most favourite characters, Handy Manny, Little Einsteins, My Friends Tigger and Pooh and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Obviously this instantly appeals to me as their all my son’s favoraites as we watch Playhouse Disney most of the day apart from Cartoon network  Ben 10 for Thomas and Nick Jr 2 Wiggle and Learn for Jacob.

The Zippity is a dance mat with 4 coloured circles and a large joystick or Bopper as they call it, which looks more like a microphone to me. The point is too get kids to move around rather than just slob out and play computer games. Games require jumping and dancing on circles rather than tapping buttons.

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The games seem to be a pretty good mix with the old favourites Mickey and Winnie the Pooh. Newcomers Handy Manny and Little Einsteins will be the more educational portions I would have thought. With Handy Manny adding some Spanish into the play and the Little Einsteins teaching about Music and Art.

One point I have a bit of reservations about is that each game only has 2 levels, so even with 8 games it could get a bit repetitive. Additional games will be available for purchase separately though, but that’s just more expense.

This sounds like a good idea and I’m sure kids will love it, but I’m not sure if it’s just another educational gadget that’s going to end up cluttering the house rather than being used just like the VTech Cyber Pocket and V.Smile.


The Zippity can also be used in conjunction with Leapfrogs online Learning path, which lets you see what your child will be learning at different stages of the games and how that develops as they grow older.

Leapfrog has a mini site for Zippity with lots of info and movies, good if your interested in more information.

Suitable for 3 – 5 year old’s the Zippity will be available in the summer and is expected to cost around £80.00.


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